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A “Politically Correct” Christmas: Is It Even Possible?

pcxmasThose who tout Political Correctness can kick, scream, and foam at the mouth but they will never change the facts of His biography . . .

We celebrate Christmas because Christ was born.  The holiday is named after Him.  We may argue its origins or the traditions behind its many observances, but the truth is, in far corners of the world it is recognized as a day of Christian observance; an observance that has been declared by some to be offensive.

It is unrealistic to think that by banning decorations or themes that people will stop being offended. Americans are forevermore claiming to be offended over one thing or another. It keeps Judge Judy in business.

Is it possible that by bowing down to those who claim to be perpetually offended that we have handed them unmerited power?  A three year old learns to manipulate mom and dad by “acting out”.  Is it possible that America is being conditioned to retreat when someone claims to be offended?

Well, I am offended by YOU who are on the constant prowl to find something over which to be offended.  I am offended when you insist that your beliefs must be honored at the expense of all others.  I am offended when you attack the simplest Christian expression, but then again, I’m sure you feel that your offense must surely be greater than mine.

Here’s a newsflash:  Jesus is, was, and shall continue to be an offense to those who reject him, yet will forever be a benevolent Lord to those who accept Him.  Men who did not like His Message resorted to an unjust execution to silence Him.  How’d that work out?

He is well prepared for those who reject him.  He is impeccably prepared to receive those who accept Him.

His handwritten biography, attested to by eyewitnesses who lived during the lifetimes of other corroborating eyewitnesses, includes the following facts: a miraculous pregnancy, an animal’s feed trough, and “God with us” . . .

Merry Christmas!

Mr. Christmas








Mr. Christmas

With a chuckle in his tummy
And a smile upon his face,
He pulled them to his knee
‘Sat them gently into place.

He spoke to them of happiness
And joys too much to tell.
He laughed at wide-eyed innocence,
And voices clear as bells.

He spoke to them of coming
On a very special day,
And answered whispered questions like,
“You’re sure you know the way?”

That He loves little children,
For all it’s plain to see.
It is written in His Word,
“Let them come to Me.”

Maston E. Jackson
1992  © All Rights Reserved