The Servant

Who will serve, with selfless ease?
Who will serve, with tenderness?
Who will serve, with gentle touch?
Who will serve, some say too much?

Who will serve, though burdened down?
Who will serve, without renown?
Who will serve, at break of day?
Who will serve while others stray?

Who will serve, where no one sees?
Who will serve, in prayer, on knees?
Who will serve, ‘til sunset’s fade?
The one who serves, in Jesus’ name!

® Maston E. Jackson, 2022

Mr. Christmas








Mr. Christmas

With a chuckle in his tummy
And a smile upon his face,
He pulled them to his knee
‘Sat them gently into place.

He spoke to them of happiness
And joys too much to tell.
He laughed at wide-eyed innocence,
And voices clear as bells.

He spoke to them of coming
On a very special day,
And answered whispered questions like,
“You’re sure you know the way?”

That He loves little children,
For all it’s plain to see.
It is written in His Word,
“Let them come to Me.”

Maston E. Jackson
1992  © All Rights Reserved